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Gibbs Care Center
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Gibbs Care Center

LOCATION: Steeleville, MO

CLIENT: Gibbs Care center


COST: $52 K

SIZE: 48,000 SF

SERVICES: Mechanical

M/E 1 participated in a HVAC assessment for the facility in the Fall of 2016 after a Mold and Indoor Air Quality Report performed by a specialist identified high indoor humidity levels contributed to excessive mold growth. The HVAC assessment noted inadequate makeup air quantities and aging and ineffective HVAC systems contributed to the high humidity levels, recommended new makeup air systems and replacement of existing HVAC systems and ductwork. Full design of the HVAC retrofit followed, and included new dedicated outdoor air makeup air systems with energy recovery and dew point control, replacement of the existing kitchen exhaust hoods, fans and in makeup air system, replacement of general HVAC systems and fiberglass ductwork, and replacement of all in-room 2-pipe fan coil units.